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PEO Support bundles all supporting activities to optimize the technical processes. A central point of contact for all technical issues. Efficient and goal oriented approach with years of experience and well-trained specialists in specific fields.


Termigration Project

This is to fecilitate termination mechanism in SOI system. As informix data is being migrated to trinet platform, we have to stop all processing being done on SOI system. So, We wrote number of stored procedures to terminate clients selected under a wave of process and all employees under those clients. Also we have added a tracking mechanism also to track how many clients and employees are eligible for migration. We have defined specific migration term codes to identify termed clients and employees in our system. So that once data migration fully done, we can use this tracking mechanism to shut off some of PEO report applications which we are using on our SOI system.

SOI SOX Pricing Remediation :

Under this project we wrote number of triggers, and stored procedures to audit all pricing changes. By this clients easily can find who made changes, when made changes, why to made changes to lease rates, fees etc. We are capturing all values. More clearly, for example when a change made either deleting of record, then we are capturing before data and after data. So that client can review all those changes at one place.


MTAX PTS means providing tax data to goverment in a PTS file format at PAYROLL level. MTAX RTS means providing all tax data to government in a RTS file format at an EMPLOYEE level. We have made numerous changes to these systems to fecilitate migration team. That means we made all PEO reported taxes to be client reported.


  • Study and analyse the Initial Technical Requirement.
  • Raise questions in the daily scrum if there are any issues in the Requirements.
  • Determine the effort for the project and provide estimates.
  • Prepare the applicable test cases and document them in JIRA.
  • Test the application or Report for the listed Test cases.
  • Log bugs if there is a failure and assign it to the Dev Team .
  • Analyse the Test cycles and Test Summary.


  • Stored Procedural Language(SPL)
  • Informix DB
  • Triggers

Tools Used

  • CISCO AnyConnect VPN
  • Server Studio R. 10. 0
  • Putty
  • Informix (IDS) 12
  • Notepad++
  • Subversion Control
  • JIRA used for project tracking