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Jason Tesser    - Director, Product Development, Lead Engineer Dotcms

I have worked with Baylogic and its owner Ravi Pasupuleti since 2005 at 2 different places of employment. I have found them to be trustworthy and a group that will stand behind their work. They have skills varying from SQL to J2EE programming. I would recommend them and continue to use them.

Phillip R. Gerard   - PMP, IT Department

Ravi Pasupuleti has served as a contractor for the Information Technologies department of Bob Jones University since 1999. Beginning in 1999 Ravi did maintenance projects on the legacy Informix 4GL codebase that supports our textbook publishing unit. Since the second quarter of 2004, Ravi has formed, trained, and led a team of developers that is developing new J2EE applications for our enterprise. Ravi has consistently shown competence and responsiveness in his work. We regard him as a valued member of our IT team.

Elizabeth Layden    - Business Analyst

Ravi Pasupuleti performed programming services for Strategic Outsourcing, Inc. as an independent contractor between December of 2000 and December of 2004. I personally had the pleasure of working with Ravi on several projects. Ravi was very easy to work with and demonstrated good work ethic. The quality of his work was consistent and met or exceeded requirements.

Ravi Mandadi    - Software Engineer, Pennsylvania State Govt, US

I had worked with Animation Studios [Presently, known as Baylogic Technologies] For 4 years, I personally had the great pleasure of working with Ravi Pasupuleti on several projects. Ravi was very easy to work with and I was very much benefited by working with him. I regard him as a valued leader,I admire his good work ethics, commitment, competence and responsiveness in his work.

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