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Who We Are

bayLogic is one of the leading enterprise solutions software companies in South India primarily catering to the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) segment of the worldwide IT market.

Our goal is to provide quality solutions to the IT industry using standardized methodologies and processes, providing high-level of client satisfaction. Established in the year 1999, BayLogic has been expanding its infrastructure in the bay area of Visakhapatnam - a coastal city in South India. With the potential to meet the the demanding customer needs in the latest technologies, we promise to provide quality solutions that match the needs of discerning clients.

In fact, the organization has been a consistent, trustworthy software provider to its clients providing assured quality services since 1999 in the areas of Informix 4GL, PHP/MySQL/Apache, J2EE technologies.

Our Skills

J2SE & J2EE(Spring, Hibernate, EJB & Struts)    -  90%
HTML, JQuery, CSS, JS     -  81%
Graphic Design     -  63%
Web Development     -  22%
WordPress     -  85%
BI Tools (Actuate, JasperSoft & Cognos)    -  90%

Meet Our Management Team

Ravi Pasupuleti
  • Ravi Pasupuleti - Director, Product Development

Ravi started working with the IT Dept of Bob Jones University from 1994, and since then has been involved in the development of Informix/ 4GL applications. In 1999, Ravi founded the IT company, Animotion Studios, India renamed as bayLogic Technologies in 2006.

In 2004, Ravi put up a team of Java programmers, having trained from IBM, India, led them in the development of J2EE enterprise applications for Bob Jones University, US. He continues to be the Executive Director giving direction for growth, actively involves in the development of Informix/ 4GL applications, and also migration of these legacy applications to the J2EE platform.

Ravi has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Alabama A&M University, US and Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engg. from National Institute of Technology, Warangal, (AP), India