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Migration Map Tool is designed to handle 3 functions; mapping of client data from source to destination, mapping of domain values from source to destination, and assignment of clients to extraction waves.


The migration client map is designed to support mapping of source client data to destination data. The migration map and migration map elements are designed to setup named maps to map source values to destination values. The client ID field on migration map is optional. When left blank the map will be generic and apply to all clients. The map elements will contain the actual source to destination value mapping. The migration wave is designed to define waves. The migration clientmap wave map is designed to assign the source fein of migration client map records to a specific extraction wave. The wave extraction table is designed to log extraction jobs that have been executed. This would allow us to view a history what extractions have occurred.


  • Moving WSEs from one DB environment to another DB envionrment like Migration.
  • Includes DB Schema, Tables and content without loosing any small piece of information.
  • Will Extract the Data by making seperated into small pieces.


  • Java
  • Spring
  • Angular 2
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5/CSS3

Tools Used

  • STS (Spring Tool Suite)
  • GitHub