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Know About Our Online Recruiter

Some of the common problems faced by HR staff in most enterprises are:
  • Receiving too many resumes for some of my job openings
  • Receiving too few resumes for other job openings
  • Spending too much time reading unqualified resumes
  • Not having enough time to add as much value as they would like to the recruitment process
  • Having resumes and e-mails scattered around and finding it hard to keep track of them
  • Spending too much time and money posting jobs on online boards and/or newspapers
  • Difficulty in leveraging resumes submitted in the past for new positions, since they are out of date and hard to search

If you have encountered any of these challenges, then BayLogic's Online Recruiter (OR) is the solution for you. BayLogic's unique Job Matching Technology, is what makes this "recruiters dream" possible. Job Matching technology is used to quickly and accurately match between job requirements and candidate skills and preferences.

The OR application provides automation of placement of jobseekers with prospective employers. It facilitates all the job seekers and employers to upload their profiles simply by accessing the application over the internet. OR then matches the job seekers against the employers and does automatic email intimation through batch process to prospective employers and also jobseekers for further actions.

The Process:

Job seekers submit their profiles including their skills and personal information.

The employers also submit their job profiles of the vacant positions.

The OR Matching Engine runs automatically on a daily basis at a set time and generates matches which are stored in database. Then the OR application automatically generates email to both parties - jobseekers and employer that a match has taken place and further action in the recruitment process may be initiated. . It generates reports for use by the organization.

The job seekers on receiving their user name and password, have access to the application to edit the profile, extend the expiry date, place his profile on hold and also to terminate their profile if he had already been placed in organization.

Modules & Features
OR - Modules:
  • Job Seekers Module
  • Employer Module
  • HR Office Module
OR Features:
  • Job seekers and company representatives can upload their profiles via internet. HR Staff can view the all profiles through Lookup facility.
  • HR Staff can change/edit their profiles
  • Spending too much time reading unqualified resumes
  • Matching Engine runs automatically on a daily basis at a set time and generates matches which are stored in database.
  • An email is automatically sent to the company representative if a jobseeker selects that particular company (and vice versa) for further action in the recruitment process.
  • Provides mass print action to print all person/job profiles for the HR staff.
  • Job seekers / Company representatives can hold/extend/reactivate their profiles without explicit Extension Office interaction.
Useful For
  • HR Offices
  • Staffing Organizations
  • College/University Placement Officers
  • Govt. Offices Placement Officers
  • All type of Offices involved in Recruitment (Hospitals, Businesses, Industry etc.)