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A Horizontal Search Engine, a 'Database' based application, that can be a backbone to multi centered Verticals.


cocoOwl is a powerful java based, open source content management system and Search engine that can be used as a backend to several verticals like CRM, People Management applications, Church Management, and other enterprise Level applications. And also Cocoaowl serves as a web services application which can be acceced through RESTFUL end points.


  • cocoOwl Makes it Possible :
  • Build Amazing Websites and Apps with cocoOwl.
  • Build the Way You Want, With the Tools You Prefer.
  • Content-centric CMS with full API access to your content.
  • Rapid Enterprise Solution Development.


  • Java
  • Spring
  • Angular 2
  • Velocity
  • Java Script
  • dojo-toolkit
  • JSON, etc

Tools Used

  • Eclipse IDE
  • PostgresSQL
  • Apache Tomcat Server