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Know About Our Private Home Schooling Emulator for Schools


BayLogic's PHSE emulates the operations between a home-school parent and the school administration. It consists of the following functional modules

PHSE Modules
  • Parent
  • Admin
  • Reports

PHSE performs the following major functions

  • Manage Courses
  • Manage Assignments
  • View Academic Records
  • Enroll student in a term
  • Terminate a term
  • Manage Courses
  • Manage Subjects
  • Manage Logins
  • Manage Tracks
  • Manage Terms
  • Manage Grade Processing
  • Checksheet
  • Transcript
  • Academic Reports
  • And other reports
Benefits of PHSE
  • Automates all the tasks related to parents and administrators
  • Manages parent responsibilities on-line.
  • Provides several reports of information pertaining to a specific student.
  • Maintenance of the data relating to Courses, Subjects, Tracks, Grades, Terms, etc.,
  • Allows querying the database for information relating to any registered parent.