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Know About Our Traffic Management System


TMS provides traffic management solution for enterprises. It consists of the following functional modules.

TMS Modules
  • Lookup
  • Assignment
  • Table Maintenance
  • Query
  • Reports
TMS performs the following major functions.
  • Registration of all two-wheelers and four-wheelers
  • Renewal of Registrations
  • Management of Parking Tickets and Fines
  • Management of Traffic Violations within the enterprise
  • Management of Parking Lots in the enterprise
  • Querying the database regarding Vehicles, Persons, Fees, Violations, etc.,
  • Generation of Vehicle Information Reports
Benefits of TMS
  • Automates all the tasks related to managing all type of vehicles
  • Eliminates manual operations relating to vehicle management
  • Provides several reports of information pertaining to a specific vehicle or a specific duration
  • Maintenance of the data relating to Vehicles becomes easy
  • Allows querying the database for information relating to any registered person and to his vehicle status
  • Management of parking lots becomes easy and hassle-free.
  • Renewals of registrations are automatically prompted by VMS